What we do

Market information is fuel for your brand. Let’s fill ‘er up.

Dr. Suess said it best: Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Nothing is more critical to building a brand and keeping it humming along than the ability to make informed decisions. But informed decisions don’t just grow on trees. They come from asking questions. Lots of questions.

We’re well versed in conventional forms of market research-surveys, focus groups, trials and other methods-but we’ve learned from experience that brands are like snowflakes. No two are the same. The questions that need answering are always different. They vary according to a company’s size, scope and market. So we customize our methodologies to fit those needs. We right-size the process, emphasizing efficiency.

Whatever the scope of research, from small internal studies to global brand audits, our goal is the same. We go deep. We use unique methods to mine the right information. We do it quickly, and then we turn that information into power. See? Complicated questions, easy answers.

Who we are

Every story has a beginning.

Bhawkins came into the world in 2001. It was the brainchild of Brian Hawkins, who came from the award-winning Denver-based agency, Pierson Hawkins.

From the beginning, Bhawkins set out to be different. It had new ideas about building and managing brands. Better strategies to help companies thrive in a new economy. At that time, the business landscape following the bust looked entirely different than it had a decade earlier. The old M.O. of working with one large advertising budget from each client seemed inefficient.

Instead, Bhawkins was built to be nimble. To have the ability to work more intimately with clients. To really see the big picture and act as a partner.

Bhawkins works with a lot of outdoor and cycling brands, and that’s by design. We share their passions and we speak their language. It’s telling that many of our current clients have been with us for years. We’ve been together so long we can finish each other’s sentences.

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