Eastern Colorado is not the Colorado most people think of when they think of Colorado tourism. What an opportunity! Instead of leaning on all the traditional tourism cornerstones, we’re able to find creative ways to get people to visit the many unique and historical attractions there.

We’ve been working with Colorado Central Plains for 20 years. We created the “Our Journey” tourism program as an effective solution to highlighting this area’s attractions. One of the best things about Our Journey is that it’s timeless. Each year we add to this unique tourism package that includes everything from a sing-along CD and songbook to a train ticket that allows you to collect stamps at every location you visit.

The program has significantly boosted tourism in Eastern Colorado. It has generated media attention and has helped this region develop a real identity.

From our Client

"Bhawkins is unique because the diversity of what you do never ceases to amaze me. From how you spell your name (interesting) to how you implement an idea (fantastic)…you guys are fun to work and hang out with. And where else can one go to work on a marketing campaign and find a bike repair shop intertwined!!"

Maryjo Downey
Executive Director, East Central Council of Governments