We developed Off The Beaten Trail as a fun way to inspire people to visit some of Colorado’s most remote and unknown attractions. How? With geocaching! What’s geocaching? Basically it’s a treasure hunt using GPS technology.

Here’s how it works: we created treasure boxes and Off The Beaten Trail promotional materials—and we even traveled to different locations to plant them! Participants would access the GPS coordinates of different locations, drive to them, and upon arrival discover a treasure box with interpretive signs, historic photos, texts describing the sights and their significance, and collectible souvenirs.

The result: The Off the Beaten Trail program attracted media attention and tourists when it was launched. And it’s still working every day of the year, drawing interest and stimulating the economy in Eastern Colorado.

From our Client

"Bhawkins is set apart from the other agencies because of their size…. Small enough to really care, but large enough to get the job well done."

Maryjo Downey
Executive Director, East Central Council of Governments