SRAM is a global bicycle brand with offices and manufacturing facilities all around the world. With its products sold through independent retailers, SRAM developed a need to bolster its retail presence. It asked us to build a strategy for that effort.

We started with research to determine which of SRAM’s products could benefit most from retail support. We targeted those products that stood the most to gain, creating a successful plan for both SRAM and its retailers. An important part of our effort was establishing an understanding that individual SRAM brands, including RockShox, Avid, Truvativ and Zipp, are all part of the SRAM family.

One major challenge was developing ways to present hard-to-display items at a reasonable cost. To do so, we designed an interchangeable system that could be used by all the SRAM brands globally. Each of these module pieces can display a huge variety of SRAM products—from brakes to suspension components, derailleurs and handlebars. They feature dynamic graphics and artwork to give the entire system a cohesive look, further establishing SRAM’s overall brand message.

From our Client

"Bhawkins does a lot of different things, but some of their best stuff is their brand research work. They take the time to understand your brand and make sure that the research supports the strategy and messaging."

Paul Kantor
Category Manager