When Giant, one of the world’s largest cycling brands, set out to grow its retail presence in the U.S., it came to us to help develop the strategy and launch the program. It was a complex challenge. The program would include multiple levels—from partnerships with independent retailers to establishing Giant Cycling World, the first full Giant stores in the U.S.

The goal was to give Giant an improved presentation in its independent stores while at the same time helping those retailers evolve their own store brands. We launched the program in 2006 and it has steadily grown since. Today there are more than 180 stores participating in the Giant Retail Partnership program.

In 2011 we helped Giant create the first Giant Cycling World (GCW) store to give Giant a way to showcase its own products without having to share floor space with competing brands. GCW stores are more than just bike shops—they are an extension of the Giant brand. We worked with Giant to create the first GCW store in Boston, overseeing every aspect of floor planning, flow and merchandising. The store has been a success, and Giant has opened several others, with plans to open many more around the country.