Every year Giant Bicycles, one of the world’s largest bike brands, hosts a major retailer event to unveil new products and connect with dealers—the people who make or break the brand. This year it was an opportunity to showcase the new 27.5 bike line while creating valuable face-to-face time.

Our challenge is to inspire love for the brand, share best practices from the retail industry, and do it all in just three days without breaking the bank. Giant relies on us to build the event.

How do we do it? We activate many of the same solutions we use to build Giant concept stores, but in a portable, easy-to-manage way. We floor-plan the whole event and oversee the construction of every physical element. We create and manage the design of everything from product displays to presentations and audio-visual needs.

It goes beyond aesthetics. It’s about creating a feel, an infectious belief in the brand. We do it with engaging, buzzworthy displays. Conversation-starters like larger-than-life 27.5 numbers, Hollywood-style game shows, and awesome product displays that get plastered on Facebook.

The result? Better brand presentation. Better relationships. Better business.

From our Client

"Bhawkins simply gets the bicycle retail industry. From the large, multiple retail doors to the small, family-owned store, they understand what it takes for both Giant and the retailer to become successful in building the brand and selling bikes. It is always about the customer when you work with their team."

Reuben Hernandez
Merchandising Manager