Since the Tern Bicycle brand was born a few years ago, we have been fortunate enough to be a part of their team to help strategically steer the brand. In 2014 our challenge was an exciting one: Create a global ad campaign that is true to the unique brand character that we helped to establish. Create a campaign with tons of room to grow and evolve. Make it work for bikes or any of their accessories or components. Give it enough legs to work in print, online, outdoor, or whatever media might be called for in the future. Make it “speak” to our consumers in any language. And, of course, make it communicate the great set of competitive benefits the Tern line has…beyond the simple fact that the bikes fold.

Our solution is a sophisticated, clean and simple set of images that challenge the viewer to interpret the visual and connect it with the featured product. The ads really stand out in an environment where most brands feel like they need to spoon feed consumers dry reasons to buy their product. The campaign is still quite young, but we are happy to say that the campaign has been receiving rave reviews internally and externally around the world.

From our Client

"We have a great relationship with bhawkins. When we feel like we need to create a global brand strategy, we work with them, and they consistently perform above and beyond. We do a lot of our own execution in our in-house creative department, and Brian and the team are great at understanding what we need. They really help us set the bar high for our creative!"

Terry Chen
Global Marketing Manager