SRAM is one of the most respected brands in the cycling world, so when they decided to launch a brand-new mountain bike brake product line, we knew the product, brand and communications all had to be especially good.

This is the first time the SRAM name is going on modern mountain bike brakes, so all eyes are on SRAM to see how they'll rise to the occasion.

We have worked on SRAM's other Brake brand (Avid) for many year's, so understanding the nuances of the brake world, the technologies, and the motivations for consumers are second nature to us. Our experience, and a lot of great planning with the SRAM team helped us come up with a positioning for the new product line that's powerful because it turns the standard way of looking at brakes upside-down. Nobody really wants brakes to slow them down. The riders want to boost their control and confidence with perfectly performing brakes, so they find they can safely do more awesome things on their bike! Thus, our tag line: "Know You Can."

"Know you can" sets the product up perfectly, because the natural question is "how can a brake do that for my ride?" The Guide product line has a ton of great technological and performance related stories to tell, so the pay-off is a natural.

The campaign is very diverse, with print and web ads, web site, product brochures, service documents, dealer communications, social media tools... you name it, it's all part of the mix.