Bicycle Garage Indy is the largest bike shop east of the Mississippi. Its owner Randy Clark had a vision to create not just a store, but an unprecedented cycling experience. Randy teamed up with Giant and his other brands, and we created their retail space from the ground up.

We started with a blank slate and worked with Randy and the architects to place every wall, every bike display, every product. We designed and built all the store fixtures and coordinated with countless resources on interior design, graphics, lighting, finishes and store identity.

The result? The 20,000-square-foot store opened on time and gained major media attention within the industry. The staff was inspired, proud to be part of such an influential store. And even after months and months of planning and sweating the details, Randy still has hair.

From our Client

"In making this store a success, Bhawkins was unique for its personnel (Brian and Beth in particular) and the ease of one-stop shopping. From planning, to design, to fixtures, to merchandising, they offered full integration of every need I had."

Randy Clark